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Triptych: Sitting

I don't meditate, unless one counts watching a news channel on the weekend and contemplating the meaninglessness of all existence, but Laurie Norton has made Sitting,  a wonderful short film about meditation.

It's paired with two other shorts, "Fade In" and "No, No, You First" and the whole thing is being released as a film called "Triptych."

Here's the catch.

There's an Indiegogo campaign to send "Triptych" to some film festivals. As fundraising campaigns go, the goal is pretty modest, but help is always helpful.

Laurie describing Sitting:

Anyone who has ever tried to meditate knows it can be hard—really hard. The attempt to sit quietly with your thoughts is a mixed bag of the ugly, the painful, and the downright boring—as well as the peaceful and healing. In meditation, “progress” is relative, and a nice, tidy ending isn’t the point; after all, there is no quick fix to this “being human” thing.

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