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Vacation things we hear

Typical things always heard in vacation towns:

- What's this?
- I'm keeping that!
- Why?
- It's for my collection!
- It's a rock.

- Did you put on sunblock?
- I thought my sneakers would cover that part.

- Bears.
- Tics.
- Lice.
- Bud.
- Well—
- Flat Bud Lite.
- Okay, that's the worst.

- It's a local beer made entirely of blueberries, pine needles, and sunblock.

- He can sleep under our bed. He doesn't make that much noise, if he's been drinking.

- You're not keeping that thing. We're taking it back to the gift shop right now.
- I forget which one I got it from.

- We won't know if it's infected until you do laundry.

- These little towns must be adorable in the winter.
- Lady,  it's a hellhole in January.