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Dead Authors Podcast 42: Miguel de Cervantes

Paul F. Tompkins and Horatio Sanz improvise a very funny hour of sit-down chat. Plus more links than you can shake a stick at. Don't shake a stick near your screen.

Deceptive article about Cervantes in the news this week; they may, or more likely may not, have found him. Though probably not.

At any rate, H.G. Wells and Miguel de Cervantes have a lively conversation about haircuts, surgery, and pigeon burgers in Los Angeles. Available for download or streaming at iTunes, etc.

Don Quixote is a still a great read, if you haven't tried it; it's like a message in a bottle from a friend you would have had had you met 400 years ago.

And BBC Radio 4 Extra is running a series of radio adaptations of Mr. Wells's stories this month, on demand at 4extra.