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FIFA Movie, History, Women’s World Cup 2015

Football (soccer version) wrapup: FIFA movie, Women's World Cup 2015, and rug burns.

FIFA made their own FIFA movie about how awesome FIFA is. If you're going to steal millions, there must be better way to blow the money than this. It's the modern equivalent of lighting a cigar with a $100 bill. They're probably doing that too. It's not going over well with the audience (whoever they thought that would be). The US opening weekend brought in $607. In Phoenix, Arizona, they sold one ticket.

If you're new to the FIFA story, John Oliver and Andy Saltzman have traced the history of Sepp Blatter and other infections on a special edition of The Bugle.


Not to take away from the exciting scandal coverage, but there's an exciting Women's World Cup going on right now. In the end, the greatest scandal about the scandal is that it gets in the way of the soccer (or football if you're in the other 90% of the world). Forgetting that would be as wrong as, say, I don't know, forcing the Women's Cup to be played on astroturf.