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Fringe Arts: Theorem, Sept. 4-13, 2015

Greg Kennedy returns with friends to prove gravity can be outfoxed without batteries, rockets, or animation. Theorem is at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts during the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Greg Kennedy juggles in a cone, a tunnel, in the open air. He has funny set-ups for the routines. The show is family friendly. I have now exhausted my list of simple, flat statements that can be used to describe a very entertaining and frequently transcendent show that will easily be worth your money and the slightly mysterious journey to find the damn door to the building.

He performs Theorem September 4-13, 2015 at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, way out in Germantown at 5900a Greene Street (Greene & Rittenhouse Streets).

Get yer tickets at the Fringe Arts website or show up at the door and hope for the best.

Unlike last year's show, this is one-man and structured almost like a memoir, as Kennedy starts off with simple manipulation, shows a few things he picked up when he was starting, and progresses through his newer material. It's all breezy and at moments breathtaking, and markedly funnier than some earlier shows that were focusing more on the beauty of objects in motion, put there by a very skilled pair of hands.