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David Bowie: Lazarus


1947-2016. The stars look very different today.

In 2002, David Bowie performed at the Berlin Wall. What they didn't know at the time is there were thousands of East Berliners on the other side of the wall, listening. Here he is performing "Heroes".

I was at an outdoor stadium concert in the early nineties (1990?) when he performed "Heroes". By that point we'd all been standing for at least half an hour. When "Heroes" started, a small punk girl walked along our row of empty seats; she stopped directly behind me. She sound along. She sang loud, strong. She was terrible. But she knew every word; this song meant a lot to her, you could hear it in her voice. She was perhaps fourteen. I never got a look at her. When she sang, I was aware I was the only one who could hear her. When the song was over, when the applause started, she walked on.

"Space Oddity" on the Midnight Special. David Bowie, Mick Ronson (lead guitar), Trevor Bolder (bass), Mike Garson (keyboards),
Mark Carr Pritchard (guitar), Aynsley Dunbar (drums)

MTV, 1983

He's part of the culture. Varietopia, June 2014.

Recorded 13 June 2014 at Largo at The Coronet

Busdriver - Vocals
Paul F. Tompkins - Vocals
Puddles - Vocals
Maria Bamford -Backing vocals
Kristen Schaal - Backing vocals
Eban Schletter - Theremin
Brandon McCulloch - Bass
Mark Rivers - Drums
Todd Spahr - Guitar, Backing vocals
James Eason - Saxophone
Kimmy Gatewood - Trombone
Jordan Katz - Trumpet

Arrangement by Eban Schletter