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Baby+diaper+bottles+spurting hydrant=Saturday

Sure. We all know what it's like. You pick up a few bucks watching some toddler. Are you really expected to stay sober and awake the whole time? The toddler naps, why not you? And you shouldn't feel embarrassed when the mother returns home to find the tyke crying under the weight of a poopy diaper; the two of them are going out of their way to wake you from your nap. Perfectly natural to feel embarrassed, waddle out of the house, crash your car into a fire hydrant, then get into fisticuffs with a squirrel. Not saying there was an altercation with a squirrel, just saying would have been the perfect coda on a true story.

The New York Times provides a timely plagiarism Do's and Don't's Best Practices guide for all incoming college freshman.

I am loving this article in the New York Times explaining how to plagiarize. Senator John Walsh (D, Montana) plagiarized much of his  thesis paper for the United States Army War College from other sources, including a 560-word footnote lifted verbatim.

But the best part is the detailed examination by the Times, which amounts to a Do's and Don't's Best Practices for all incoming college freshman. I have to admit to a bit of jealousy; in my day, I had to figure all this out on my own.