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Cahpter 36 of the Dead Authors Podcast: Ralph Ellison.

Chapter 36: Ralph Ellison

...featuring DeMorge Brown. Available July 29, 2014

If you've always wanted to hear an interview with your favorite author but they died years ago, take advantage of Mr. Wells using his time machine to bring them up for a few questions.

If you never wanted to hear something like's not really that.

I don't meditate, unless one counts watching a news channel on the weekend and contemplating the meaninglessness of all existence, but Laurie Norton has made Sitting,  a wonderful short film about meditation.

It's paired with two other shorts, "Fade In" and "No, No, You First" and the whole thing is being released as a film called "Triptych."

Here's the catch.

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The New York Times provides a timely plagiarism Do's and Don't's Best Practices guide for all incoming college freshman.

I am loving this article in the New York Times explaining how to plagiarize. Senator John Walsh (D, Montana) plagiarized much of his  thesis paper for the United States Army War College from other sources, including a 560-word footnote lifted verbatim.

But the best part is the detailed examination by the Times, which amounts to a Do's and Don't's Best Practices for all incoming college freshman. I have to admit to a bit of jealousy; in my day, I had to figure all this out on my own.