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Is this a dog day of summer?

Is this a dog day of summer? I don't have a dog, so I don't know. Is it a dog day afternoon? Is it still a dog day afternoon if I prefer ketchup instead of mustard on that dog? Is "hot as a dog" an expression? Is it even a dog day, to return to my original point?

You can feed your kitten. You can feed something to your kitten. It's not necessarily the same thing.

can of kitten food. Or "kitten" food.

You can't race a hamburger. Just admit it.

And now, the annual lobster races in Bar Harbor, Maine.

The first blog post.

It's hot, it's muggy, everyone is pushing out work so they can leave for the Fourth of July holiday at the end of the week, hoping the boss lets everyone out early (or leaves early and can't notice everyone left immediately after) so it seems the perfect time to redesign this site and launch a new blog thingy that no one is expecting, wanting, or finding.

So...hi there.