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H.G. Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) welcomes F. Scott Fitzgerald (Andy Daly) and James Joyce (Sean Conroy) to the Dead Authors stage.

Appendix G: From the vaults! H.G. Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) welcomes F. Scott Fitzgerald (Andy Daly) and James Joyce (Sean Conroy) to the Dead Authors stage for an evening of whatever this is.

The podcast is free — so far — but proceeds from the live performances help 826LA, a non-profit literacy program.

More at the Dead Authors Website or direct download:

Typical things always heard in vacation towns:

- What's this?
- I'm keeping that!
- Why?
- It's for my collection!
- It's a rock.

- Did you put on sunblock?
- I thought my sneakers would cover that part.

- Bears.
- Tics.
- Lice.
- Bud.
- Well—
- Flat Bud Lite.
- Okay, that's the worst.

- It's a local beer made entirely of blueberries, pine needles, and sunblock.

- He can sleep under our bed. He doesn't make that much noise, if he's been drinking.

- You're not keeping that thing. We're taking it back to the gift shop right now.
- I forget which one I got it from.

- We won't know if it's infected until you do laundry.

- These little towns must be adorable in the winter.
- Lady,  it's a hellhole in January.

Is this a dog day of summer?

Is this a dog day of summer? I don't have a dog, so I don't know. Is it a dog day afternoon? Is it still a dog day afternoon if I prefer ketchup instead of mustard on that dog? Is "hot as a dog" an expression? Is it even a dog day, to return to my original point?