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The future is on its way, and it's too hot.

Back in the Before Times, George W. Bush justified not doing anything about emission standards and climate change by suggesting that in the future there would be wonderful technology that would clean everything up at the push of a button; the nicest, shiniest button ever. No one ever asked how much that button would cost, but he implied you could pick it up at a Radio Shack for $4.95, or $4.27 at the Presidents Day Sale.

Here we are in the future, Radio Shack is gone and that button has not been installed. ...continue reading "Earth at a Tipping Point"

Late August, planet Earth. As the world burns like bread stuck in the toaster and aging school bullies scream in the face of men, women, and children just trying to stay cool in every sense of the word, a new argument arises about whether this is a sign of hope or of a fresh new hell on the horizon: ...continue reading "Hey People, What’s that on the horizon?"