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According to the New York Times, sales of e-books have cooled off.

fbtu23cov-thumbAccording to the New York Times, sales of e-books have cooled off.  The dazzling arrival of e-books has cooled into the practical, mundane reality of reading. It's not that people have turned against e-books, but they're concentrating on the book, and not differentiating on the platform.

Something similar is happening with phones; while adults and teens are addicted to tiny screens, younger kids are less interested. In part, this is the natural urge to be different from the oldsters; but it's also a lack of tech adoration. These devices are a normal, mundane part of their lives, not magic.

Since we all know the story, let's not speak of it.

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By now we've all heard the story of the hitchhiking robot that made it all around the world safely and the was ripped apart by colonial ghosts in Elfreth's Alley, a 17th century neighborhood in Philadelphia. In fact, since we all know the story, let's not speak of it. Let's all agree there are terrible people who see innocent young friendly robots in a dark alley at three in the morning and something about the way the light hits them, or a tone in the speakerbox, maybe the round glowing shape of its dispenser-like head, and some drunk idiot gets the idea it's full of candy and rips it open like a piñata. Let's not talk about it. I wasn't there, I don't know what happened. My wife will testify I was home in bed between 2:58 and 3:02 am on the night in question. My understanding is that this is precisely when it happened, at least a 45-minute drive from our house. I cannot imagine who would do such a thing. It obviously was not full of candy; looking at it in the cold light of day (which is the only way I have ever seen it) there is no way this could be a Hershey bar receptacle.  There is no refrigeration in its little plastic kitty litter bucket body.

I have no idea what that stain is on my shirt. I was cleaning the attic earlier.

Next: Almonds that are also sneakers.

A couch that's also a portable music system, in case you get tired from carrying your sofabed while you're listening to music

Target is selling a futon sofabed that has a bluetooth sound system built into it. I can see where this would be an efficient use of space if you lived in a closet or on a train, but it still seems like one of those two functions is likely to wear out long before the other one...

Next: Almonds that are also sneakers.