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Black macaque selfie, still copyright-free.
Macaque selfie
I can use this picture because a macaque took it. Look forward to seeing it often.

In August 2014, a court ruled that a human photographer who owned the camera a  black macaque used to take a selfie cannot claim copyright on the picture, using the same logic that says complete strangers don't own the copyright on a the picture you took of them standing in front of the Teddy Roosevelt butter sculpture at the state fair when they handed you their phone to use.

Now a U.S. District Court judge has ruled that the monkey doesn't own the photo either. PETA had brought the lawsuit on the monkey's behalf; the judged determined that the law doesn't specify that non-humans can claim photograph ownership, using the same logic that explains why your car doesn't own the copyright on the photo of you driving through a speed trap on the toll road. Also, since there are no monkeys in PETA, he had doubts about their legal standing to represent their client. (Sidenote: Does anyone actually know where the client is these days?)

The photographer insists he will appeal and win, since he intended to take a picture.

In other words: Black macaque selfie, still copyright-free.

The Festival is in Chestnut Hill, PA, and the Quidditch Matches are further up the hill at Chestnut Hill College.

dan-21-stationFriday, October 16
Pub Crawl in Chestnut Hill

Harry Potter Weekend, Chestnut Hill, 2012
An Autumn Walk

Saturday, October 17
Harry Potter Festival & Quidditch Tournament

The Festival is in Chestnut Hill, PA, and the Quidditch Matches are further up the hill at Chestnut Hill College.
Details at

10:15 (ish) Hogwarts Express leaves Market East Station making local stops to Chestnut Hill

10:45-11 am: Opening Ceremony: Hogsmeade Station (Chestnut Hill West Septa Station) with The Hogwarts Express
Noon: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class/Dumbledore's Army Secret Training
1-2:30(?) Sorting Hat
2:30: Dumbledore's Army Secret Training
4 pm: Officially over but not really

  • The “Hunt for the Horcrux” activities
  • The Serpent of Woodmere Straw Maze at Woodmere Art Museum
  • Complimentary Knight Bus Trolley sponsored by Elfant Wissahickon transports Wizards and Muggles up and down Germantown Avenue (not to be confused with the Quidditch Shuttle to Chestnut Hill College
  • Daylong reading of "The Chamber of Secrets" with 40 readers (11-6?)
  • Sorting Hat Demonstration
  • Hedwig’s Hollow Selfie Park at Buckley Park
  • Human Chess game at Jenks School yard
  • Free marathon movie screenings of Harry Potter series
  • At least 4 places to get Butter Beer (Night Kitchen has the best one)

The Quidditch Tournament begins at 10 a.m. at Chestnut Hill College and goes until about 6 pm
Catch the complimentary Hogwarts Shuttle to travel between Chestnut Hill College and the Top of the Hill (The fest).
A shuttle stop on campus will be marked by a sign and have a host to answer questions and give directions. Shuttles will depart from stops every 12 minutes