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"You’ll find out what a great city we are for walking, and even better for three-legged potato sack races to save space on the crowded sidewalks. "

Good morning, everyone.

There have been a series of major events scheduled to come to town. Any of these would present major logistical challenges, but having so many happening in such a short timeframe requires a high level of organization and coordination from the mayor’s office, the police department, and the streets department. It speaks to our growing popularity as a major destination in America, and we should all take pride in that.

But it also means traffic. Let's talk about that.

First up is the Pope's visit. I ask your patience as we work through the security concerns and traffic control. ...continue reading "City Government Announces Finalized Plans for Papal Visit"

Pope Francis in Philadelphia PA September 26-27, 2015. Yikes.

The Pope is coming to Philadelphia

papal soft @FarFarrAway
from @FarFarrAway @WMF2015

Now that we know what a disaster city planning has been, we can all sit back, feel smugly superior, and stroll the quiet streets, since we've cleverly scared everyone off and Philadelphia will be just one big sidewalk cafe for the weekend.

Picnic baskets and coolers are not allowed in the Francis Fest Zone, by the way.

September 26-27, 2015.