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The Editor is too proud to be associated with this so-called publication. He knows what he's doing. He used to have a real job.

Duncan Plep is a former investigative reporter for Burnswell, the magazine of long-form deep journalism with unfortunately poor fact-checking standards. He writes frequently on politics and trends.

Walt Maguire has written for McSweeney's, Points in Case, American Bystander, somehow the Saturday Evening Post, and others. He is the author of "Monkey See," a series of bad essays (not affiliated with the NPR program). Other forthcoming titles from Mr. Maguire include “Letting Go: A memoir of getting far enough up Everest,” “Promises to Keep: An oral history of crossing fingers (transcribed),” “A Good Walk Spoiled: How America’s love of dogs led us off our ruined sidewalks onto the Federal Highway System,” “Harvard University, a Squandered Promise: How the parking around Harvard Square discriminates against Bentley owners low on quarters,” “Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out: The case against the Staten Island Ferry concession stand prices and their Un-American price for a Hershey bar; Are you #@%! kidding me?,” “A Monkey Stole My Camera: Photographs from the MOMA Collection (foreword),” and his business bestseller “I Went to Harvard: Why I keep mentioning it, and why you should listen.”

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