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The Editor is too proud to be associated with this so-called publication. He knows what he's doing. He used to have a real job.

Duncan Plep is a former investigative reporter for Burnswell, the magazine of long-form deep journalism with unfortunately poor fact-checking standards. He writes frequently on politics and trends.

Walt Maguire has written for McSweeney's, American Bystander, and others. He is the author of "Monkey See," a series of bad essays (not affiliated with the NPR program). Other forthcoming titles from Mr. Maguire include “Letting Go: A memoir of getting far enough up Everest,” “Promises to Keep: An oral history of crossing fingers (transcribed),” “A Good Walk Spoiled: How America’s love of dogs led us off our ruined sidewalks onto the Federal Highway System,” “Harvard University, a Squandered Promise: How the parking around Harvard Square discriminates against Bentley owners low on quarters,” “Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out: The case against the Staten Island Ferry concession stand prices and their Un-American price for a Hershey bar; Are you #@%! kidding me?,” “A Monkey Stole My Camera: Photographs from the MOMA Collection (foreword),” and his business bestseller “I Went to Harvard: Why I keep mentioning it, and why you should listen.”

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