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Don Rickles, 1926-2017

Don Rickles


Don Rickles died April 6, 2017.

At 90, he was still working. Basically he would have lunch and talk, and AARP would record it (and we can assume tip the waitress).

But he made his reputation long before then, on stage, in movies, and especially on the tv. ...continue reading "Off to The Big Hockey Puck in the Sky"

Be Resilient. Shepard Fairey / Amplifier Foundation. Funded by Kickstarter, shared by You, the People.

 Shepard Fairey / Amplifier Foundation

Funded by Kickstarter, shared by You, the People.

Four years to get through; hopefully not more.

"Not Perfect"
Tim Minchin

Christmas Day

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays
And no matter how far away you roam
You can always Skype or Facetime
So we expect to hear from you
or better yet see you Christmas Day
We'll open the door, you bring the wine