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The future is on its way, and it's too hot.

Back in the Before Times, George W. Bush justified not doing anything about emission standards and climate change by suggesting that in the future there would be wonderful technology that would clean everything up at the push of a button; the nicest, shiniest button ever. No one ever asked how much that button would cost, but he implied you could pick it up at a Radio Shack for $4.95, or $4.27 at the Presidents Day Sale.

Here we are in the future, Radio Shack is gone and that button has not been installed.

ABC News, 8/7/18:
The record for the largest wildfire in California history fell on Monday after just eight months as the Mendocino Complex Fire passed the Thomas Fire, from last December, to set the new mark for most acres burned.

Business Insider, 8/7/18:
Earth Overshoot Day , the point in a year at which we use up a year's worth of resources, has been steadily moving forward in time since GFN first started tracking it. In 1970, we "overshot" Earth's resource budget by only 2 days — Overshoot Day fell on December 29, according to HSBC. That date has been pushed up by almost five months since then.

Phys.Org, 8/6/18:
If polar ice continues to melt, forests are slashed and greenhouse gases rise to new highs—as they currently do each year—the Earth will pass a tipping point.

Crossing that threshold "guarantees a climate 4-5 Celsius (7-9 Fahrenheit) higher than pre-industrial times, and sea levels that are 10 to 60 meters (30-200 feet) higher than today," cautioned scientists in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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This should be included with every tax filing.

The Pew Research Center has a handy chart of where your federal dollars go. This should be included with every tax filing, but until that day, there's Pew.

Note the "Other" category. There's a lot of things in there that tend to be more visible in an average day. Retired general Stanley McChrystal talks about this in a New York Times Op-Ed, "Save PBS. It Makes Us Safer."

Donald Trump loves a conspiracy, and he doesn't care how little evidence there is to support it. Is this a secret plot? Okay, no.

Donald Trump loves a conspiracy, and he doesn't care how little evidence there is to support it. The Daily Show piece is a good survey of this:


President Obama had a few good lines about it as well. (There is some speculation that Trump's humiliation at being trumped by facts led eventually to his current run for the presidency.)

But as fun as this is, there are humans at the other end of his loutish idiocy. This week he claimed the Clintons had their friend Vince Foster murdered. Five investigations, Jake Tapper of NBC News, and the Daily Show prove this to be a lie, which will only deter Trump from repeating it if he finds it's not helping him in the polls. But Vince Foster's sister wrote a piece on the Washington Post that reminds us why this is the sort of behavior human adults should be ashamed of. The title of the piece is "Vince Foster was my brother. Donald Trump should be ashamed."