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Saturday, October 17, 2015.

dan-21-stationToday's the day.

Saturday, October 17, 2015
Harry Potter Festival
& Quidditch Tournament

Details at

Snape, Snape. Severus Snape.

Potter Puppet Pals have been around almost as long as the books, though each bit is shorter and many are not quite as child-friendly. Not sure they're still in production, but they get more hits than this blog, so who am I to speak.

Why are they so funny? Because they're us.

We all think this...

But the author thinks this...

Perhaps J.K. Rowling is right. Hufflepuffers are lovable. They look like Robert Pattinson. Today, we are all Hufflepuff. Tomorrow we all go back to wanting to be Gryffindor. Or just ignoring the whole thing.

The Festival is in Chestnut Hill, PA, and the Quidditch Matches are further up the hill at Chestnut Hill College.

dan-21-stationFriday, October 16
Pub Crawl in Chestnut Hill

Harry Potter Weekend, Chestnut Hill, 2012
An Autumn Walk

Saturday, October 17
Harry Potter Festival & Quidditch Tournament

The Festival is in Chestnut Hill, PA, and the Quidditch Matches are further up the hill at Chestnut Hill College.
Details at

10:15 (ish) Hogwarts Express leaves Market East Station making local stops to Chestnut Hill

10:45-11 am: Opening Ceremony: Hogsmeade Station (Chestnut Hill West Septa Station) with The Hogwarts Express
Noon: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class/Dumbledore's Army Secret Training
1-2:30(?) Sorting Hat
2:30: Dumbledore's Army Secret Training
4 pm: Officially over but not really

  • The “Hunt for the Horcrux” activities
  • The Serpent of Woodmere Straw Maze at Woodmere Art Museum
  • Complimentary Knight Bus Trolley sponsored by Elfant Wissahickon transports Wizards and Muggles up and down Germantown Avenue (not to be confused with the Quidditch Shuttle to Chestnut Hill College
  • Daylong reading of "The Chamber of Secrets" with 40 readers (11-6?)
  • Sorting Hat Demonstration
  • Hedwig’s Hollow Selfie Park at Buckley Park
  • Human Chess game at Jenks School yard
  • Free marathon movie screenings of Harry Potter series
  • At least 4 places to get Butter Beer (Night Kitchen has the best one)

The Quidditch Tournament begins at 10 a.m. at Chestnut Hill College and goes until about 6 pm
Catch the complimentary Hogwarts Shuttle to travel between Chestnut Hill College and the Top of the Hill (The fest).
A shuttle stop on campus will be marked by a sign and have a host to answer questions and give directions. Shuttles will depart from stops every 12 minutes