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This should be included with every tax filing.

The Pew Research Center has a handy chart of where your federal dollars go. This should be included with every tax filing, but until that day, there's Pew.

Note the "Other" category. There's a lot of things in there that tend to be more visible in an average day. Retired general Stanley McChrystal talks about this in a New York Times Op-Ed, "Save PBS. It Makes Us Safer."

The brief, obvious history of why Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol".

Why Charles Dickens Wrote "A Christmas Carol"

The beloved story sold 6,000 copies in its first week in print and 15,000 in its first year

The first edition of A Christmas Carol. The illustration on the left is of Mr. Fezziwig's ball, one of Scrooge's good memories. (Wikimedia Commons)
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